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Thales provides your organization with security and trust in data wherever data is created, shared or stored without impacting business agility

To meet critical security needs and changing business demands, enterprises have become committed to digital transformation - embracing new opportunities and building revenue by leveraging all digital technology offers in terms of connectivity, stability, and efficiency. But, this is only possible with information that's trusted and reliable, regardless of its format, who it's from, where it goes, or how it's used. Which is why keeping data secure throughout its lifecycle has become a critical priority and a constant challenge.

Thales e-Security (TeS) accelerates digital transformation by making data safe in any environment while maintaining business agility. Our data security platform provides encryption, advanced key management, tokenization, authorization, privileged user control, and HSM solutions that protect data in any environment and scale easily to new requirements while reducing complexity. We protect structured and unstructured data at rest, in motion, and in use across devices, processes, platforms, and environments.

Only TeS has the technology, experience, and resources to deliver trust throughout the information landscape so companies can embrace digital transformation with confidence. We’re dedicated to ensuring that the data that builds business is trusted, wherever it's created, shared, or stored. This mission is built on a unique combination of vision and expertise. We’ve been a leader in protecting data in mission-critical finance, government, manufacturing, and technology environments and applications for over three decades.

For companies around the world, Thales e-Security is the leader in unrivaled data security solutions that deliver trust in the ability to use, share, and store data anywhere on any device. Because for every business, regardless of industry, data trust is the true foundation of transformation and success.

Hardware Security Modules:

nShield HSM

nShield is a family of hardware security modules (HSMs) that protect the cryptographic operations and data of enterprise applications. They provide a certified, hardened, tamper-resistant environment that safeguards cryptographic processing and keys for applications that require a high level of trust. nShield HSMs are available in three form factors and performance levels:

nShield Connect: a network-attached appliance for high-performance data center environments.

nShield Solo: a PCIe server-embedded card for high-volume applications.

nShield Edge: a USB-connected model for portable, low-volume and developer applications.

payShield HSM

The payShield 9000 is a payment HSM used extensively throughout the global payment ecosystem, assisting issuers to get cards and associated PINs securely into the hands of cardholders. When cards are used to make purchases HSMs are a fundamental part of the processing infrastructure supporting a range of user authentication, card authentication and sensitive data protection processes. The payShield 9000 supports the needs of the emerging mobile payments ecosystem, covering both secure elements in the phone and in the cloud. Certified to FIPS, PCI HSM and regional security standards, payShield fulfills the cryptographic needs of all major card scheme payment applications.

Datacryptor 5000

The Datacryptor 5000 Series is a family of high-speed data in motion security platforms that deliver high performance encryption at near zero latency. While other solutions merely encrypt data, Datacryptors provide a complete security solution that scales from simple point-to-point to many hundreds of endpoints. Ensuring many years of service, Datacryptors are field upgradeable to protect against new threats and to meet new security standards and best practices. The Datacryptor 5000 Series is the ultimate low impact, high performance solution for securing data in motion.

Vormetric Data Security Platform Products

• Vormetric Data Security Manager. Offers centralized management of encryption keys and policies for the entire suite of products available within the Vormetric Data Security Platform. It is available as a virtual or FIPS 140-2 physical appliance.

• Vormetric Transparent Encryption. Features an agent that runs in the file system to provide high-performance encryption and least-privileged access controls for files, directories, and volumes. Enables encryption of both structured databases and unstructured files.

• Vormetric Live Data Transformation. Alleviate planned downtime required for initial encryption transformation and scheduled rekeying operations seamlessly by adding this option when deploying Vormetric Transparent Encryption.

• Vormetric Vaultless Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking. Delivers capabilities for easily adding tokenization and dynamic display security to existing applications through RESTful APIs. The solution supports compliance with PCI DSS and other regulations.

• Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway. Assure data is secure and compliant when it moves to cloud storage environments like Box, Caringo and Amazon S3 by encrypting the data before it leaves the customer premises and logging all access.

• Vormetric Application Encryption. Simplifies the process of adding column-level encryption into existing applications. Reduces complexity for developers by offering documented, standards-based APIs that can be used to perform cryptographic and key management operations.

• Vormetric Key Management. Can be used to centrally manage encryption keys for Vormetric products, Oracle Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), and Microsoft SQL Server TDE. Securely stores certificates and offers support for the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP).

• Vormetric Key Management as a Service. Vormetric ensure you maintain trust, control and compliance of your sensitive data in Salesforce. Vormetric Key Management as a Service (KMaaS) integrates with Salesforce Shield’s bring your own key (BYOK) feature and assures customers control the lifecycle of their encryption keys in a highly secure, cost efficient manner. KMaaS is easy to deploy, instantly scalable and enables lifecycle key management including key creation, uploading, updating, storing and deletion.

• Vormetric Security Intelligence. Delivers granular logs that provide a detailed, auditable record of file access activities. Enables easy integration with security information and event management (SIEM) systems to streamline compliance reporting and accelerate threat detection.

• Vormetric Protection for Teradata Database. Offers the comprehensive, granular controls required to secure the most sensitive assets across Teradata environments—while maximizing the business benefits of big data investments.


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