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WX Central Management System

The WX Central Management System offers unprecedented visibility and management into Network application performance over the WAN. This central network management software system dispenses detailed network performance information about network traffic patterns, bandwidth consumption, and other measures that can be used to maximize WAN resources.


SyncEMS Management software enables network operators to manage Juniper TCA Series Timing Appliances. The software provides a topographic view of the TCA appliances for administration, provisioning, configuration and alarm monitoring.

RingMaster Software

RingMaster Software is for planning, configuring, deploying, monitoring, and optimizing, single or multiple enterprise wireless LANs.

RingMaster Global

RingMaster Global consolidates management of multiple RingMaster-based wireless LANs, providing network status data and alarms for each WLAN as well as traffic patterns across the entire wireless deployment.

Network Management

Network and Security Manager (NSM) Central Manager is a Web UI-based appliance that enables large-scale NSM deployment and global policy enforcement. Administrators can use this network performance management system to create a centralized set of corporate network and IT security policies across regional servers and apply them across the entire network.


The Junoscope IP Service Manager joins the advanced features of the Juniper Networks network performance management software product portfolio to the higher layers within the network operations structure. This network performance management software enables network operators to maximize the benefits of the feature-rich Junos software and monitor, configure, inventory, and manage the network and its performance.


J-Web is a Web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that provides easy-to-use network management tools to administer and manage all Juniper Networks network devices that run on Junos. IT administrators and network operators can use this network performance management software to quickly and easily monitor, configure, troubleshoot, and manage Juniper Networks products.

CTPView Network Management System

Juniper Networks CTPView Network Management System gives network operators the software and performance management tools necessary to monitor and manage network availability, provision circuits, report on IP networks performance, and troubleshoot circuit issues through a single Web-based graphical user interface.

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