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Junoscope is a suite of comprehensive Web-based management tools designed to manage operations and administration of all Junos routers for service providers.

It runs on a central server that is accessed from a remote Web browser.

Junoscope consists of four application modules:

  • Looking Glass: A monitoring and troubleshooting tool that provides real-time reports of router health and protocol status.
  • Configuration Manager: A Web-based central controller that archives, edits, compares, and restores configurations for all deployed Junos router configurations from anywhere in the network.
  • Inventory Management System: Using reports based on automatically collected inventory data from the router network, users can detail the deployed hardware, software, and licenses, and track these components over time. Reports can be viewed in a browser or saved in formats such as Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel.
  • Software Manager: Provides a central location for controlling the deployment and installation of Junos software images (bundles, packages, patches) to multiple devices, greatly reducing errors and downtime.

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