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In a world where the pace of change is accelerating at an unprecedented rate and the volume of business data doubles every 1.2 years, the network has taken on a new level of importance as the vehicle for drawing together our best people, best thinking, and best hope for addressing the critical challenges we face as a global community. The macro trends of cloud computing and the mobile Internet hold the potential to expand the reach and power of the network—while creating an explosion of new subscribers, new traffic, and new content. In the face of such intense demand, this potential cannot be realized with legacy thinking. Juniper Networks stands as a response and a challenge to the traditional approach to the network.


Fueled by a significant investment in research and development which is more than any of our industry peers as a percentage of revenue, Juniper Networks has developed some of the industry’s most groundbreaking innovations across every aspect of networking technology: silicon, systems, and software.

Silicon. Our Junos® One family of processors is an unprecedented integration of silicon and software that pushes network performance boundaries.

Systems. Our powerful, simplified network architecture spans the routing, switching, and security markets. We approach each architectural challenge with a fresh eye, looking at physics-related obstacles such as performance, power, reliability, cooling, and heating. Our unique perspective has enabled us to develop and productize some of the industry’s most groundbreaking network innovations, such as the Converged Supercore™, the Universal Edge, the Virtualized Data Center, and the Simply Connected portfolio of resilient switching, security, and wireless products.

Software. Juniper Networks® Junos® operating system, which is common across our routing, switching, and security products, is unmatched by competitors. Our Junos and JunosV App Engine platforms make customer networks simpler to maintain and operate over time.

We consistently deliver groundbreaking, leading technologies that transform the economics and experience of networking—significantly improving customer economics by lowering the CapEx required to build networks and the OpEx required to manage and maintain them. Our unique Junos platform, and its virtual companion, JunosV App Engine, make networks simpler to maintain and operate over time, delivering the highest order of customer experience.

Our approach enables us to build stronger, more secure and trusted networks, thanks to a security portfolio that delivers end-to-end security across every environment—from the data center to campus and branch environments and to the device itself. It enables us to provide security that can prevent attacks from occurring in the first place. Our extensive experience in developing security software and high-performance scalable systems for the service provider market is what makes a valuable partner in securing new technologies like LTE that require new approaches.

Focusing on all aspects of the network allows us to deliver a remarkable customer experience. Everything we do is focused on identifying, understanding, and solving crucial business problems for our customers. Everyone at Juniper Networks—every engineer, salesperson, support representative, executive, and partner—is focused on delivering the strategies, architectures, and technologies our customers need to build the best business networks for now and the future.


Our greatest asset as a company is our employees. Our employees are thoughtful observers and creative problem solvers. They’re smart, curious, open—and they’re always looking for a better approach. The Juniper Way is our commitment that our culture and company inspire their best work.

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