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Mainframe Solutions

Continually Meeting Customers’ Technology and Business Needs 

The mainframe is increasingly important to businesses that require reliability and capacity along with flexibility. Today, the mainframe is used for a variety of new purposes; web-enabled applications, backend server, hosting web and popular ERP applications, server consolidation, and data centralization. Mainframe hardware and operating systems, along with the CA solutions that manage them, have evolved to meet today's unwavering requirements of high availability and continuous operations.

For more details, brochures and white papers:


CA Legacy Renewal Solution
Modernize and Interoperate Legacy Systems with New Technology

z/OS Management
Timely and Effective Mainframe Solutions for Managing IT infrastructures

VSE Management
Business Solutions Supporting The Mainframe VSE/ESA Platform

z/VM Management
Secure, Reliable and Efficient Environment for IBM’s virtualization technology

Linux for zSeriesMainframes
Leveraging mainframe resources and investments for new workloads