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BASE24-atm is an integrated EFT processing and switching system that provides ATM device driving, transaction routing and authorization, host and interchange interfaces, settlement, management reporting, network control, and stored value functionality. Operating on the HP NonStop server, the system provides organizations with a robust, high-performance, fault-tolerant solution for delivering services through ATMs, kiosks and self-service devices.

The following modules offer additional functionality:

Triple DES Support and Automated Key Distribution

ACI’s Automated Key Distribution System enables users to automate the tedious and expensive process of initializing and replacing ATM master keys. Because of its ability to remotely manage the key loading process, AKDS can help organizations update their ATMs to become Triple DES compliant while reducing costs at the same time.

Alerts for BASE24

An alerting solution could be a valuable addition to a BASE24 or BASE24-essystem. With ACI Worldwide’s Alerts for BASE24 Products, BASE24 users can initiate alerts on virtually any data found in the transaction data stream. The solution helps reduce customer service costs by enhancing and automating customer service communications, improving fraud detection and investigation, and providing valuable new messaging services to customers.

IFX ATM Manager Module

IFX is fast becoming the industry standard for financial messaging and is increasingly being adopted by many institutions for retail banking transactions such as ATM, branch, bill payment and Internet banking. ACI has developed a standard ATM device manager using the IFX specification that can communicate with all ATM vendors supporting the IFX standard. This multi-channel, multi-vendor capability allows ATM processors to reduce expenses and reduce the number of device handlers required. The module accommodates a robust ATM transaction set, as well as associated device management commands such as security, state-of-health and inventory.

Non-currency Dispense Module

The non-currency dispense module provides consumers easy access both to cash-value and non-value items by allowing them to access checking, savings or credit-card accounts to purchase items at ATMs.

The module is completely configurable, allowing users the flexibility to determine the type of items dispensed, account types accessed and whether to surcharge or upcharge transactions. Furthermore, users establish item receipt descriptions, screen displays and separate non-currency withdrawal limits. Using enhanced BASE24-atm reporting, the system tracks dispensed items by quantity as well as by currency amount.

Self-service Banking Module

The BASE24-atm self-service banking module allows financial institutions to expand automated financial services to include a variety of everyday banking functions previously unavailable at ATMs. It increases the institution’s service offerings, enabling corporate clients to offer enhanced payroll services to employees.

The system offers expanded consumer transactions, increased card and check services, enhanced terminal capabilities and optimum processing capabilities. It is designed for either a phased-in or a full-service implementation — whichever best meets an institution’s market needs and business objectives — while making the most of existing communications, hardware and terminals.