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Content and Media

As user viewing habits evolve, so too must the content delivery infrastructure. Juniper’s Content and Media products help network service providers and content publishers deliver rich media content more efficiently, at greater scale and with a superior user experience. Discover Juniper’s solutions for the new media network.

Identity & Policy Control

We`ll help you integrate subscriber privileges, application requirements, and business policies with the IP network infrastructure. End results? An improved end-user experience. Enhanced security. Lower operational costs.

Junos Platform

The Junos Platform is a layered software platform to run the network and enable applications to interact with the network from the client to cloud. Service providers and enterprises can now look beyond building networks made up of individual, disparate boxes toward a unified system for designing and deploying new services in software. By migrating to the Junos Platform customers can reduce the complexity of the network to deploy new services faster with a lower cost of operations.

The Junos Platform combines the Junos operating system with new capabilities to expand network software and interfaces into the application space and deploy software clients that secure and control application delivery. The components of the Junos Platform include the Junos Operating System, the Junos Space network application platform, and the Junos Pulse integrated network client.

Network Management

Network and Security Manager (NSM) Central Manager is a Web UI-based appliance that enables large-scale NSM deployment and global policy enforcement. Administrators can use this network performance management system to create a centralized set of corporate network and IT security policies across regional servers and apply them across the entire network.

Router Services

Network operators have continued to make significant infrastructure investments in an effort to maintain capacity, scale and performance for key applications and services. However, as traffic growth forecasts continue to outpace return on investment, Juniper can help customers improve the economics of networking.


Ensures that remote and mobile employees, customers, and partners have anytime, anywhere security access to corporate resources and network applications.