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Products in this range are small, easy-to-use, single-button devices for remote use. They support strong authentication with One-Time Passwords calculated from algorithms which are time and/or event-based. VASCO DIGIPASS GO product line features Multi OTP support. VASCO’s Multi OTP technology offers enhanced security for banks and application providers who need to secure multiple applications with a single DIGIPASS.

DIGIPASS e-Signature

Products in this group are VASCO specific hardware platforms devices with e-signature functionalities and PIN protection


Products in this group include connected and unconnected models. DIGIPASS Readers combine secret values, stored on smart cards, with DIGIPASS algorithms pre-programmed into the DIGIPASS reader. These products optimize investment in smart card technology, by extending smart card use to include one-time passwords and electronic signatures


DIGIPASS PKI is the ideal solution for strong authentication and digital signature when using PKI certificates and keys. These products allow banks, enterprises and governments to sign transactions and documents. These solutions also provide non-repudiation of transactions. As a result the integrity and origin of the data are proved and the transaction partner is authenticated. DIGIPASS PKI products provide strong two-factor authentication for secure web login, Windows smart card PKI login for your desktop, e-mail signing and encrypting secure VPN access and disk encryption