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Manufacturing Solutions

DataOne Asia Co.,Ltd has a Menufacturing team to provide business software for medium to large-sized companies. We provide solutions for customer and supplier relationship management, manufacturing and accounting. With comprehensive service and support we help our customers to run and grow their business, drive performance, and manage operations effectively.
Epicor Enterprise Solutions and Modules

Epicor Enterprise Financial Suite Module

Epicor Financials Suite is a proven, award winning, and versatile collection of highly adaptable, totally integrated accounting applications for the mid-market.

Most importantly, Epicor Financials Suite offers advanced multi-currency and multi-company capabilities and features to manage business in the global marketplace.

Vantage Solutions and Modules

Vantage works the way you think a powerful manufacturing software system should. That’s because Epicor understands the challenges and problems your enterprise and supply chain deal with every day. We’ve designed Vantage to closely match the way you operate, which makes it easier to learn and use.

Epicor Business Intelligence Suite Includes

Epicor Business Intelligence (BI) Suite is a complete set of tools that let you strategically analyze the data available throughout Epicor Enterprise applications.<br/><br/>
Epicor BI Suite is an important component of the Epicor Enterprise solution, enabling more effective decision making throughout your business. Epicor BI offers a variety of data warehousing, analysis, budgeting and reporting tools, each fully connected to the data within Epicor Enterprise, so that you spend your time analyzing the results rather than trying to find the data. Business Intelligence helps to streamline operations and improve business performance through automated analysis. The embedded analyses are based on a thorough knowledge of best practices and are designed for ease of use by a broad range of personnel. BI offers strategic support for all decision makers within your enterprise, from top-level executives to line managers.

Epicor Supply Chain Management Suite

The Epicor Supply Chain Management (SCM) Suite is a comprehensive solution that enables you to manage all aspects of your operations -- from order fulfillment to warehouse management to supplier relationship management.

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