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VersaTest is a multiplatform testing, simulation and support environment. VersaTest can be placed at any process interface to simulate that interface to any level of complexity.

Test scripts used can be built rapidly using either capture/replay or more programmatic techniques. The capture facility is especially useful in support environments due to integrated real-time display and analysis features.

VersaTest has the power and features to support an application throughout its entire lifecycle. VersaTest provides a standard, concise and structured approach in supporting your applications, saving considerable time and costs. It is a single tool that supports all phases of testing during the project lifecycle.

VersaTest provides the user with an intelligent message processing facility capable of interfacing transparently to NonStop processes and devices, as well as other various platforms. They have the capability to assist the user in the many facets of monitoring, testing, development, quality assurance and capacity planning.

As testing moves from the shadow of development and is viewed as a means to ensuring business availability, VersaTest give the user the ability to test faster, test more often and test more completely.

VersaTest Multi-Platform

VersaTest has been significantly enhanced and is now available in a multi-platform edition that runs on any server that supports the Java™ Runtime Environment. Read more details in the fact sheet below.