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Epicor Supply Chain Management Suite

The Epicor Supply Chain Management (SCM) Suite is a comprehensive solution that enables you to manage all aspects of your operations -- from order fulfillment to warehouse management to supplier relationship management. 

Within the Supply Chain Management Suite, Epicor provides the following components:


Sales Order Management

Manage order fulfillment for your organization.  Whether you have hundreds of customer service representatives entering orders in your system, receive all orders via EDI, or your customers enter orders via your online storefront, Epicor’s sales order management functionality will enable you to keep your customers satisfied.

Inventory Control


Keep track of your inventory is essential.  With Epicor’s inventory management capabilities, you’ll know where your inventory is located and how much inventory is needed to meet specific service levels.

Supply Chain Execution


Whether you need to track a few transactions using barcodes or need to manage a set of warehouses around the globe, Epicor’s supply chain execution solutions can help you achieve your goals.

Purchasing Management

Manage the purchasing and receiving process for your locations.  Proactively manage your purchasing needs, communicate with suppliers via EDI, ensure that your receipts are within the tolerances you set, and make sure that the materials you receive meet your quality standards.

Supplier Relationship Management

Strategically manage your supplier relationships with web-based sourcing and procurement solutions.


Epicor’s assembly functionality can help you manage your production process.

Providing the right products at the right time can mean the difference between lagging sales and market leadership. The Epicor Supply Chain Management Suite provides immediate access to the inventory, pricing and customer information you need to increase inventory turns, enhance customer service and improve profitability. This proven, reliable suite of applications also allows you to streamline your operations, improve your customer service levels, and increase top-line revenues through its comprehensive capabilities.